Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Highschool Talent Show

Karissa was so excited to try out for the talent show! With much thought she chose her song. It was between "Love story", "what If" and " My heart will go on". She went with Celine Dion. She tried out two weeks ago and waited anxiously for the posting to see if she made it. Low and behold....she came home after school shouting "I'm on the list!!!!" She knew from that moment that she would be wearing her red formal and singing My heart will go on. The night of her performance there were no signs of being nervous just full confidence. Darcy and I worked together getting make-up hair and other details just right. She performed #7 out of 17 other talents. Spotlight was on her and the crowd had their phones lit and waving.It was a very tender moment. She recieved the only standing ovation that I will never forget. The entire audience was cheering her on! She could not beleive it and was in awe.
There are no words to explain how proud I was. In that moment she was a True Star and I knew in my heart that the Madison Highschool kids love Karissa for who she is. She did an amazing job and won 3rd place and $50. History was made on that night. Oh how we love our star!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We were camping at Redlodge and I captured this photo. Abbie hero really is her Father. How preious it that!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karissa 18th Birthday!!!

Today is Feb 18th and my sweet daughter is 18 years old. I've had nothing but 18 years of joy and happiness with her!!!! Her contagious smile and warm hugs warm my heart everyday. I fixed her a special breakfast and her gratitude was beyond belief!!! Karissa is such a joy in our lives. I took balloons to school and decorated her locker. Sarah and Daniel sent her Gerber Daises and Ty and Janene called. Barry and Jeannie and their children all called and sang on Speaker Phone!!!. Girls from the Basketball team brought her flowers and balloons, Sister Carter and Paige Perks brought her jewelry and balloons and the girls from Brad’s college ward brought her cookies and our Home Teacher came to see her. Everyone Loves Her!! She really wanted the set of Harry Potter Books. (she got them) She is a Harry Potter Fan.For her family party tonight Rae Rae ,Cindy and Darcie were all here. Her heart is so pure. She always enjoy the simple things in life. She wanted Prince and the Frog band aids, that's so Karissa.
The lord has blessed our home with a very special spirit and we are so thankful. We Remember when she was six and we were told she would never read, write or graduate and she has more than surpassed all of those things. We have always believed in her and been very supportive of her. A couple of months ago she had the opportunity of being in the School play “Music Man “ I will never forget how wonderful she did , It was hard because of the late night practices and it took a toll on her epilepsy, but she DID IT. And with much Pride!!! I went to every performance and cried at every one.!!!!
Last Sat night was the Valentine Dance and she went with Lance Munns. She looked like a Princess in her Beautiful red dress. We had her hair done and I fixed dinner for the entire group.!!! She was on cloud nine. Oh what an Angel!!!!! I am so blessed to have her for a daughter , YEP 18 years of delight!! I love her so much!!! She is our everyday Angel!!